We pride ourselves on our level of customer service. Our commitment to our clients, our employees and our consultants goes beyond the typical relationship. We build enduring relationships throughout the process of working together.

Below you will find a sampling of testimonials, which represent our work with some of the top Fortune 1000 companies and talent in the nation. See what some of our clients, consultants and employees have said about us and you’ll understand why we consider our relationships true partnerships.

Employer Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

Consultant Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

“I strongly believe adding Insight Global as a vendor is a great benefit. The company has a solid grasp of the local market and call center challenges. They take time to understand each unique business need, which results in an ability to produce top candidates.” —Regional Manager, Major Oil Company, Chicago, IL

“Insight Global’s account management and recruiting team have professionally gone ‘above and beyond’ to ensure a correct understanding of our specific technology needs. Their pre-screening and interviewing processes are extremely thorough and accurate, producing candidates that accurately meet our qualifications and expectations.” —Sr. Technology Manager, Major Credit Card Company, Miami, FL

“Insight Global’s account management and recruiting team have professionally gone ‘above and beyond’ to ensure a correct understanding of our specific technology needs.”

“It’s not easy to create a sense of ‘teamwork’ when important portions of your headcounts are external contractors. However, by joining us and supporting us at informal gatherings and team-building events, Insight Global’s Account Team definitely exceeded expectations by taking some ownership in making sure their contingent workers were integrating within our group.” —Director of Finance, Major Finance Company, Washington, D.C.

“Insight Global takes the time to understand your staffing needs as well as your business which enables them to bring the right candidate with the skills and experiences needed to make your team successful. This among other things, which I’m sure you will notice, sets them apart from other companies that I have worked with. My experiences working with them have been so positive that I stopped using all other vendors and work with them exclusively.” —Delivery Project Executive, Major Technology and Services Company, Raleigh, N.C.

“I have worked with other firms over the years, but none have provided the consistent quality that Insight Global provides.”

“What has impressed me the most about their team is their wide representation found in multiple departments and locations around the country. My respect for them as a company is matched by few, and I hope to enjoy a long lasting relationship with Insight Global for many years to come.” —Director, Major Health Care Organization, Oakland, CA

“Everyone that I have dealt with at Insight Global has provided customer service well above my expectations, and I thoroughly enjoy working with the company. We currently have about 25 consultants employed by Insight Global, and I have received great feedback from many of my peers as well on their performance and customer service.” —Technology Director, Major Hospitality Company, Washington D.C.

“Insight Global exudes a level of professionalism that models the highest standards that we stand by. It is no coincidence that Insight Global is a preferred vendor of ours and held in the highest regard.” —Director, Major Telecommunications Company, San Francisco, CA

“Insight Global exudes a level of professionalism that models the highest standards that we stand by.”

“The recruiting process was handled very well, she understood the requirements and submitted the right candidates, followed up on the interview requests and worked with our vendor managers to clear the candidates. I have never been able to hire someone as quickly. This gives me great confidence in your organization for our future hiring needs, and I look forward to working with Insight Global.” —Director of Engineering, Major Telecommunications Company, Washington, D.C.

“In regards to quality of consultants, I have been very impressed with the send-to-hire ratio from Insight Global. I have gotten nothing but great feedback from our internal managers letting me know that they have been satisfied with the quality submitted by Insight Global.” —Director, Major Security Company, San Jose, CA

“I have been working with Insight Global for over 3 years, and they have provided nothing but the best service. We are a very large shop with both Intel and UNIX based systems, and the candidates they provide are of the highest quality and always match exactly what I’m looking for. I most often have urgent needs, and their turnaround time is second to none. What stands out most about Insight Global is not only their ability to fill all of our infrastructure needs, but also their attention to detail and excellent customer service.” —Vice President Enterprise Technology, Major Banking Company, Atlanta, GA

Employee Testimonials

“I interviewed with Insight Global in 2004. At the time, I was looking for a firm that offered an outside sales role, an opportunity for advancement, and created a culture where I could have fun with my colleagues. This company gave me all of these things, and I am so glad that I chose Insight Global because it has delivered on every promise made, and I have had the best 11 years I could have possibly desired.” —Sales Manager, Morristown, NJ

“There is no other place that holds as many motivated individuals.”

“There is no other place that holds as many motivated individuals. Many people do not stay with their first job out of college. I am very fortunate to have found my niche so early. If you are willing to learn, compete, push yourself, not give up, experience highs and lows, hold yourself accountable, hold your colleagues accountable, work hard, play harder – and at the end of the day walk out of the office excited to be back bright and early in the morning, then you are in the right place.” —Account Manager, Washington, D.C.

“I chose [Insight Global] because of the people and opportunity for growth. I didn’t want to be another number at a large company and wanted responsibility quickly. Insight Global gave me the opportunity to set attainable goals and achieve them through hard work, persistence, and a little luck. I saw the opportunity for what it is – you get out what you put in.” —Director of Operations, Washington, D.C.

“I’ve now been here for almost three years, and I can honestly say that working for Insight Global has been the best decision I’ve made. I couldn’t ask to work for a better company. One where everyone is like family, and we flat out bring it every day. I am in sales, and it’s a great feeling to be able to sell from the heart and know that the service you sell, sells itself. Growing with a company like Insight Global has been an amazing journey, and I am excited to see what the next five years brings.” —Account Manager, Dallas, TX

“When you work with people who care and are high performers, you automatically play up to their standards.”

Every single person here contributes and gives it their all every day. When you work with people that care and are high performers, you automatically play up. It is a cohesive environment where everyone’s success is linked—I love that everyone is willing to help each other and support their teammates. Also, and most importantly, we have a great time every day. If you have the right personality, this career is very rewarding. Anything worth having is worth working for. You always end your day with a sense of accomplishment and have a chance to stretch yourself and take on more responsibility every day.” —Sales Manager, Seattle, WA

“It is not every day that someone gets to come to work with all of their best friends.”

“The work culture of Insight Global is unlike any company. That is what makes our company so special. It is something that I am proud to say that I have been lucky enough to be a part of it! We work hard and play even harder! It is not every day that someone gets to come to work with all of their best friends. Everyone in this company has such great energy and we all feed off of one another.” —Account Manager, Dallas, TX

“Insight Global gives individuals the opportunity to develop into experienced, business savvy professionals. The time and effort you put in determines what you get out. In many other companies, it is a requirement to be with that company for a specific time period before you can be promoted or receive a compensation increase. At Insight Global, you create your own path/journey. From my efforts put in, I was able to be promoted within my first year of employment and was given that opportunity to lead and oversee others. This is a huge opportunity because at an early stage in my career, I have developed skills that others may not be able to develop till much later in their careers.” —Professional Recruiter, Boston, MA

“From the start of my interview process, I was very impressed with all the people I met and could see myself fitting in very well with the team. I knew Insight Global was the right choice for me when I realized the opportunity for advancement and everything Insight Global had to offer.” —Recruiter, San Jose, CA

Consultant Testimonials

“Staff go above and beyond their job title to not only get you placed, but ensure that you can find an environment that best facilitates your skill set so you may have a career. My recruiter, Emily, worked diligently with me for four months, through countless phone and in-person interviews to get me the job I have now as a Business Analyst at a prominent software/portal development company. I have not had as fulfilling of an experience working for staffing agencies as I have had with Insight Global, or have had as caring of a recruiter as Emily. She will continue to follow up long after you have been hired to make sure that you continue to be happy and successful.” —Melissa, Business Analyst, Washington, D.C.

“I am very impressed with this staffing services company; their recruiters are superb! The recruiter I worked with was very nice, professional and made sure that there was communication every step of the way! I absolutely enjoyed going through the job process to get this new position. I am very excited to be working with the recruiter in the future and would highly recommend anyone looking for a position in the IT or medical/technical field to apply! Everyone makes you feel welcome and part of the team from the minute you walk into the office! I am definitely looking forward to working with my recruiter on this assignment!” —Daniel, Pharmacy Technician, San Diego, CA

“My recruiter worked diligently with me for four months, through countless phone and in-person interviews to get me the job I have now.”

“Outstanding professional people who will treat you friendly and like they actually want you to work with them. The job opportunities are great, as I was offered a position through Insight Global at one of the biggest multinational companies in the world. The work environment is great and full of professionals who mutually challenge each other to meet goals and learn new skills. The hiring process was a great experience and straightforward on what kind of person they needed. The recruiting staff was very helpful and is always there for you with whatever you need. I personally had a great recruiter who just went the extra mile to make sure the hiring process was quick, simple and non-stressful.” —Current Employee, Sales Support Specialist in Raleigh, NC

“The recruiters and their account execs are some of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I would recommend this staffing agency to not only candidates looking for a position, but a company needing to staff someone as well. They are very knowledgeable, polite, and efficient from the staffing side of the house. They work to find the candidates a position that fits their needs and skill sets. They worked extremely hard to make sure that myself and my current employer had our needs met from both sides. Truly superb staff; I’d recommend them to others above other staffing agencies.” —Andrew, Application Engineer, Minneapolis, MN

“I personally had a great recruiter who just went the extra mile to make sure the hiring process was quick, simple and non-stressful.”

“I would like to acknowledge the Insight Global Team, specifically Stacey, for their (her) professionalism and attentive customer focus. Stacey has been nothing short of spectacular in her handling of my requirements. I know this ‘starts from above’, thanks I.G., but she is a standout amongst many. Stacey’s customer focus and the Insight Global team’s consistent focus helped match my experience and skills to positions of which were both pertinent and viable. This ‘added value’ has been tremendously appreciated, as a job seeker (which I have been).” —William, Sr. Consultant, New York, NY

“I recently graduated college and this was my first position out of school. Communicating with them was very easy, and within two days of applying to them I got my first offer for a position. While working at my contractor site, Insight [Global] kept in touch and made sure I was well taken care of. Eventually, I ended up being brought on as a full time employee at the company I was contracting for. I would recommend to everyone that Insight Global is a great company to work for!” —Chase, IT Contractor, Herndon, VA

“A truly professional company! Open communication and employee/contractor friendly. I have got all my answers starting from the day one of my recruitment process. My sincere thanks to Trisha and Jessica! Special thanks to recruiter Jessica, who went above and beyond in helping me during the recruitment process. I got all the information I needed and had a very positive feeling the moment I got a call from this company. I will certainly recommend Insight Global.” —Ramanujam, Technical Analyst, Minneapolis, MN

“They have been always prompt and helpful in addressing my questions.”

“Their recruiters and account managers KNOW how to read resumes and pair you with the right companies. The first opportunity they set up for me was the perfect one for me. It was 5 days from the time they contacted me until I accepted the offer. They work insanely fast and efficiently! Able to reach the recruiters and account managers after normal business hours. Extremely helpful in finding the right position for me!” —Michael, Infrastructure Automation Manager, Houston, TX

“I have only been working with Insight Global for a few weeks and can say that my recruiter was very helpful throughout the hiring process. They maintain good relationships with clients and are quick in finding and acting on new job openings. They have been always prompt and helpful in addressing my questions. I would definitely recommend them and would be happy to work with them anytime in future.” —Luca, Sr. IT Operations Engineer, Morristown, NJ

“After stressing to find a job after graduation, Insight Global was able to place me in a good, corporate position at an excellent company. Insight Global’s staff is amazing and they really put the effort into doing everything they can for you to be able to land the job and continue to excel. My questions are always answered in a timely manner and I am always a priority even after landing the job. I would recommend them to anyone.” —Brittany, Jacksonville, FL