Offsite Facilities (within the U.S. and Canada)

Real estate prices and facility fees are high, and Insight Global understands that this can levy a heavy burden on our clients. Additionally, there are many times when nearshore or North American offsite locations are better suited to meet our clients’ demands than offshoring. Because of those needs, Insight Global has invested in our abilities to host employees and/or consultants for our clients in the United States and Canada securely in an offsite facility. From phones and Internet access to managed desktops, our offsite hosting facilities offer flexible options to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Additionally, by utilizing an offsite Insight Global facility, we can often further elevate the value propositions of our other managed services. From our enhanced staffing solutions to fully outsourced services, Insight Global is your partner of choice to host these capabilities in a cost effective facility driven by your business requirements.

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